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Sandy Beach #7

Sandy Beach hair color is indeed considered to be one of the most wanted and sexy hair colour all over our modern day record. Just like the most well notorious blonde in the theatre trade - Marilyn Monroe - Sandy beach pluses possess a healthy balance of attraction and intellect.

Enhancing your natural sandy hair look with a stunning set of Luxurious Sandy Beach Clip-In Hair Extensions, will not only exploit on your natural personality, but also will surely make you the centre of attention.

Our Sexy Crisam Hair Extensions 100% Remy real human hair will boost your looking style and confidence in just a few minutes!

These extensions are thick, rich, healthy, soft and most of all, luxurious.

Specifications - 200grams

1 set 8 inches 7 inches 6 inches 4 inches 1.5 inches
10 pieces 1 piece 1 piece 2 pieces 2 pieces 4 pieces
22 clips attached 4 clips attached 4 clips attached 3 clips attached 2 clips attached 1 clip attached

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