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Dark Chocolate #2

Just as there are many types of chocolate, from milk chocolate bars to dark chocolate truffles to bitter sweet chocolate chunks, there are also many different shades of brunette hair that could be classified as "chocolate".

Crisam Hair Extensions' chocolate colour is rich, pure, soft and silky with 100% human remy hair. Glossy shades are more likely to be considered chocolate because they have the silky sheen that fine chocolate does.

Our Sexy Crisam Hair Extensions 100% Remy real human hair will boost your looking style and confidence in just a few minutes!

These extensions are thick, rich, healthy, soft and most of all, luxurious.

Specifications - 200grams

1 set 8 inches 7 inches 6 inches 4 inches 1.5 inches
10 pieces 1 piece 1 piece 2 pieces 2 pieces 4 pieces
22 clips attached 4 clips attached 4 clips attached 3 clips attached 2 clips attached 1 clip attached

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