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Dirty Blonde #24

Dirty blonde hair color has a tremendous appeal. Features such as friendly, sociable, attractive and pleasing are only a few of the many positive elements of a dirty blonde haired beauty.

They build up your like ability factor by 150% when you garnish your natural hair with a silky & fabulous set of Dirty Blonde Crisam clip-in Hair Extensions, and get used to range constant applause and wishes about your hair from friends, family and all other people.

Our Sexy Crisam Hair Extensions 100% Remy real human hair will boost your looking style and confidence in just a few minutes!

These extensions are thick, rich, healthy, soft and most of all, luxurious.

Specifications - 200grams

1 set 8 inches 7 inches 6 inches 4 inches 1.5 inches
10 pieces 1 piece 1 piece 2 pieces 2 pieces 4 pieces
22 clips attached 4 clips attached 4 clips attached 3 clips attached 2 clips attached 1 clip attached

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